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As you have seen, this journal is mostly friends locked. It might look like I don´t post a lot, but that´s because almost everything I post is friends locked.
But don't be afraid, I don't bite!

Here's some information about me:

- I'm a woman: she/her
- English isn't my native language, so I apologise in advance for the mistakes I make
- I've watched a lot of Disney films as a child and I still love them as of today
- I'm a fan in various fandoms
- I've been a fan of some Johnnys from JE, but now it's mainly Hey!Say!JUMP
- I love to read, draw and listen to music
- My favourite color has been blue for a long time, but I don't have a favourite color anymore
- Playstation 2/3/4, PC, Nintendo
- Currently watching: Barkskins, Poirot, Vikings

If you want to become my friend, please tell me something about yourself. Maybe you've seen my comment on something that interests you?
Or maybe you know me from something else? Put it in a comment.

KoyaShige love


Happy birthday dear sky_fish7!!
I hope you're having a wonderful day!! Hopfully, the sun is also shining wherever you are (I know where, but privaaaay!) and may you be surrounded by love and happiness.
Or something like that ♥

Evil Laugh Voldemort

LJ 18th anniversary

#mylivejournal #lj18 #happybirthday

Had to share it, because why not?
But damn, almost 10 years and not even 500 posts? XD

Ah well, I'll be back for an update about my life so far. I've started college, last year, which is why I haven't made a decent post since...last time. Can't remember when that was...oops!

And eh, happy anniversary Liverjournal! Been here almost a decade~

And now we wait.

Yesterday was the release date of Jump's fifth album. My copy was shipped to me the day before the release. It's probably going to take two weeks until it arrives. T_T
I will stay strong and will wait for my copy of the album. Though I will listen to the unit songs when someone shares it, 'cause I couldn't buy that edition...I was too late ugh!

Really random, but I still need to watch Mockingjay part 2.
And Zootopia. And Big Hero Six, because I need to know the story before I play Kingdom-Hearts 3. Even though it happends after the movie...
Anyways, I actually should be reading The Ice Twins by S. K. Tremayne. I only have until 2nd of August to read it. And I'm still at the beginning oh my god. :/ oops
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I've been thinking about buying art software. It's going to be Paint Tool Sai or CLIP STUDIO PAINT; Illustration.
I'm not sure wich one to choose..I'm not familiar with either of them.
Any suggestions guys? Anyone who has been using one of those programs? Pros and cons?
Feel free to put it in a comment :)
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Those are the only two minus points I'm giving their 2015 Tour Concert.
I was hoping to hear Walk and Farewell. I love these songs ♥
Next time? Hopefully? *hides*
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